Collaboration with City Med Dermatological Centers of Affidea Group

City Med are premium Dermatological; Centers, providing integrated services in the field of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Medical Aesthetics and Lasers. At City Med we follow a "holistic" approach for beauty, providing impressive results to our customers.
Our specialized medical staff consists of Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Clinical Biopathologists, Biologists and Aestheticians from the field of Medical Aesthetics. Our services are: Clinical Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Medical Aesthetics – Cosmetology, Invasive Dermatology, Aesthetics Services & Laser hair removal.

Earn yellows

For Legal Entities, Individual Enterprises & Professionals

Earn yellows with your purchases and transactions at the participating network of City Med Dermatological Centers – Affidea Group, with Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program.

For every €1 charged on transaction
with Credit Card*
x5 yellows
with Business Debit Card
x2 yellows

* Refers to the Business Credit Card of Professionals & Individual Enterprises.

Redeem yellows

Through City Med Dermatological Centers’ POS of Affidea Group

By making purchases, using Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program, you redeem fully or partially the yellows you have earned.

Important Information:
  • Check the cards participating in the Program

yellow calculator

Calculate now how much you can save by redeeming yellows!

Participating network:

Check the participating network of City Med Dermatological Centers – Affidea Group here