Earn yellows with Business Debit & Business Credit Cards

Business Debit & Business Credit Cards

Earn yellows with Business Debit & Business Credit Cards!

Business Debit* & Business Credit Cards offer you yellows for every transaction you make!

Learn more about Business Debit & Business Credit Cards. The Cards that «work» for your business.

Business Debit & Business Credit Cards are ideal for your business needs. You can use them for
consumable goods and fuel supplies, pay at restaurants, book tickets, hotel accomodation and
car rentals, or pay off your business tax obligations.

In addition to yellow Rewards Program, Business Debit & Business Credit cards offer you:                     

  • up to 3% rebate at selected AVIN & CYCLON petrol stations
  • free insurance coverage
  • medical services with special benefits

Especially, the Business Credit card offers you:                                                                                       

  • micro financing with minimum monthly payment
  • up to 12 interest-free monthly installments when paying off selected tax obligations
  • interest-free installments at thousands of merchants in Greece

*Also valid for transactions made with the Cash for Business debit cards. Available only for Professionals or Sole Proprietorships.