Back to University with yellow

The new academic year has started and yellow stands next to students, with specially designed offers!

Specifically, from 03/10 to 03/12/2022, you can earn yellows with:

You earn 15,000 yellows upon the disbursement of the Loan! With the Consumer Loan for Knowledge and Skills you can cover up to 100% of the cost to attend a bachelor's or master's degree, seminars, courses to learn foreign languages ​​or skills, learn a hobby, etc.

You earn 10,000 yellows with the 1st purchase you will make with the University Visa, which you will issue simply and quick via winbank (web banking & mobile app), without visiting a Bank branch. In this way, you can cover the costs of purchasing equipment for the first installation, but also all your student needs! In addition, with your transactions at the Program’s Partners, you earn up to x10 yellows!

You earn 2times more yellows for every Point you convert! All you have to do is download the Check In Class app and upload your school notes to earn Points and convert them into yellows.

And don't forget... you earn yellows with simple moves and daily transactions!

If you are not already a Member, enter the world of Piraeus Bank Rewards Program now, by registering easily and simply!

Terms and Conditions (available only in Greek)