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If you are a gamer or you want to make the ultimate gaming gift, get digital codes through winbank for your favorite gaming platforms and video games, easily, safely, and earn many yellows!

Discover the new winbank service "Entertainment and Digital Content" and for every purchase of electronic content Digital Code that you make, from 19/04 till 19/05/2021, you can earn up to 1.000 yellows!


  • Log in to your winbank web banking account or to the winbank mobile app
  • Select "Entertainment and Digital Content" *
  • Choose the virtual digital content card of:
    • SONY,
    • TWITCH.
  • Complete your payment by debiting your account or using a credit and / or prepaid card of Piraeus Bank.

…and earn 10 yellows for every € 1 worth of the virtual card!

*For winbank web banking: choose from the menu PURCHASES & APPLICATIONS &> THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS & SERVICES> "Entertainment & Digital Content" / For winbank mobile app, you select from the menu NEW TRANSACTION> "Entertainment & Digital Content".

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Enter the game with the new winbank payment service!

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