Protect your heart and earn yellows!

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Full Cardiac Check up and 35% in yellows

September is dedicated to the heart, reminding us that Cardiac Check up is necessary, preventive and ensures our health!

Combine the benefits of yellow with the expertise of Henry Dunant Hospital Center and make your Full Cardiac Check up:

1. Call at 2106972004, to arrange your appointment from 2 till 30 of September 2019

2. Make your Full Cardiac Check up* at the special price of 65€

3. Use Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program

4. Earn 35% of your transaction’s value in yellows!

*The Henry Dunant Hospital Full Center Cardiac Check up, refers to persons aged over 14, includes Cardiac Triplex, Cardiac Appraisal, Electrocardiogram, and is not combined with an EOPYY referral. An appointment is required by phone at 2106972004.