Terms & Conditions

The promo is valid exclusively for the period 09/02/2019 till 09/30/2019 and ONLY for the Full Cardiac Check up at Henry Dunant Hospital Center, that costs 65 euros. The Full Cardiac Check up includes Cardiac Triplex, Cardiac Appraisal and Electrocardiogram. The profit corresponds to 175 yellows for every 1 euro of transaction. The total number of yellows, will be credited to the Member’s account, within one month, after the expiration of the promo. Τhe transaction has to be made within the duration of the promo and by entirely using a single credit, debit or prepaid Piraeus Bank card participating in the Program. Otherwise, for transactions made after the expiration of the promo, Member will collect 10 yellows for every 1 euro of transaction using a credit & prepaid card & 5 yellows for every 1 euro of transaction, using a debit card of the Bank participating in the Program, in accordance to the applicable Program Terms for Purchase Transactions in a Premium yellow Partner.