How to redeem yellows

how to earn yellows - yellow Loyalty Program by Piraeus Bank The yellows you have earned, can be redeemed:

Frequently Asked Questions & answers on how you can redeem yellows

How do I redeem yellows?
  • Through Program Partners POS you can make purchases by redeeming fully or partially yellows.There is no limit on how many yellows you will redeem.
  • Through yellowday deals platform ( or yellowday app ) , purchase offers by redeeming fully or partially yellows that you own in your Deposit Account with Piraeus Bank Cards. It is necessary to connect your yellowday account with yellow Program by using yellow Code which you will receive to your mobile phone.
  • Through yellow only vouchers by redeeming yellows at , at yellowday app & at Piraeus Bank branches (offering specific vouchers).
  • Through yellow experiences by redeeming yellows, to acquire exclusive experiences, at & yellowday app.
How many yellows can I redeem?
  • To the POS of Program Partners and in yellowday you can redeem fully or partially the yellows you have won. In detail , if you use a Card participating in the Program:
  1. In every purchase you make you can use as many yellows as you have available in your yellow Account.
  2. If your available balance of yellows is sufficient for the whole amount of your purchase and choose to use them all , then your Card won’t be charged at all.
  3. If your available balance of yellows is not sufficient for the whole purchase, or you just want to reduce the amount of your purchase , you can do it by choosing a part of the available yellows.
  • In yellow only vouchers that you can get from , from yellowday app & specific vouchers from the branches of Piraeus Bank , you can redeem the corresponding amount of yellows & it is not necessary to use or have a Piraeus Bank Card.
Why can't I redeem yellows even though I am a yellow Member?

One of the Program's basic Conditions is that your loan repayments must be up-to-date and show no arrears longer than sixty (60) calendar days to allow you to accumulate yellows.

If you meet this Condition, you can continue to earn yellows.

If this is not the case, please contact 210 32 88 000 for more information or visit a Piraeus Bank branch.