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Cookies are small text files which are stored in the computer or any other device used by visitors/users in order to access the Internet each time they visit a website. Cookies do not grant access to the files of the visitor’s/user’s device. Moreover, cookies cannot damage the visitor’s/user’s device and do not store any personal information. We use our own cookies and third-party cookies to improve our services and your online experience according to your preferences, aiming to facilitate browsing for our users and to detect any website problems that need improvement. Also, we use cookies to analyze the use of the website and to provide you with contents that match your interests. The table below provides you with more information on the individual cookies and the services we may offer you. It is pointed out that the deletion, blocking, discarding, and disabling of certain categories of cookies may hinder the provision of some services and/or information through our website.

Technical Cookies

These cookies allow users to browse a website, a platform or an application and to use the various options or services found, such as reviewing the number of visitors and data communication, determining the time of the session, accessing restricted sections, monitoring the details of an order, carrying out the purchase procedure related to an order, registering or applying for an event, using security features while browsing, storing contents in order to distribute videos or sound files or sharing contents via social networks.

Technical Cookies
Cookie Name Cookie Provider
incap_ses_764_8705, visid_incap_8705 Piraeus Bank
ASP.NET_SessionId, cb-enabled Piraeus Bank

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow users to access the service with certain predetermined general features, depending on a series of criteria in the user’s terminal, such as language, web browser used to access the service, local settings of the service access point, etc. These are used to track the user whenever a service is requested. These cookies are anonymised and they are used, for example, to offer you the proper information depending on the country you are located in, as well as the ability to share information through Social Media and to embed YouTube Videos into the Piraeus Bank website.

Functionality Cookies

Name of Cookie Provider of Cookie
guest_id, personalization_id *
lang *

Analysis Cookies

These are web analytics cookies provided by Google Inc. These cookies allow the respective person in charge to monitor and analyse the behaviour of the website users, whenever they log in. The information collected through these types of cookies is used to measure the website, platform, or application activity, and to process the users’ browsing profiles for said website, platform, or application, in order to improve them based on the analysis of user data. Analysis cookies are anonymous; therefore it is not possible to identify the users who navigate the site from different browsers and devices. These cookies may also be used to offer a desirable and personalized advertising experience to each user.

If a user deactivates the analysis cookies, every event in Google Analytics is blocked and therefore no information will be collected regarding any further actions of the user on the website.

The deactivation of analysis cookies, even if the advertising cookies where accepted, means that the user will be unable to receive advertisements through the Google Network, since advertisements are always linked to analysis cookies.

Analysis Cookies

Cookie Νame Cookie Provider

Targeting and Advertising Cookies

These cookies are used in order to allow the viewing/sending of advertisement to users inside and outside our website. They store information regarding user behaviour based on the actions they perform on our website and they may be jointly used with any collaborators of Piraeus Bank in order to:

  • Send/show advertisements and offers in relation to the users’ online interests and preferences
  • Measure the effectiveness of Piraeus Bank advertising activities
  • Measure the performance of and reward external staff
  • Limit the frequency of advertisements shown

In order to show advertisements via the Google Network, the non-deactivation of analysis cookies is necessary. In case analysis cookies are deactivated, no information will be collected and you may not participate in any targeting list for remarketing advertisements. Respectively, if you keep the analysis cookies and you do not deactivate the advertisement cookies, although Google Analytics will collect information regarding your visit to our website, you will not be included in remarketing lists and therefore will not be able to see remarketing advertisements.

Neither Google Analytics nor Facebook Pixel Tracking can work retrospectively. This means that if you start navigating through the website, after having enabled the advertising cookies, you may participate in the advertising groups according to your visits, for the period of time they are enabled. When you choose to disable them, no more information will be collected from the website and therefore no advertisement will be shown again. Their disabling will take effect from the moment you disable them and afterwards. This means that for some time you will still see advertisements, which however will be related to the period when these cookies were still enabled, and in this context the advertisements are shown based on information which was collected then.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies
Cookie Name Cookie Provider