yellows calculator
Check how many yellows you earn by using Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program, for your daily personal transactions.


See the frequently asked questions & answers on how to earn yellows

Whilst I am a Member of the Program, why do I not earn yellows?

For the yellows collection, one of the main Terms of the Program is not to delay payment of your loan obligations to the Bank for more than sixty (60) calendar days and not to have submitted an application for participating in Law 3869/2010.
Once you have settled them up, you may continue to earn yellows. If the above is not the case, please contact at +30 210 3288000 for more information or visit a Bank's branch.

When do I receive yellows for loading a prepaid card?

With every loading of a prepaid card participating in the Program, regardless the amount, you earn 10 yellows.
The first loading of the Prepaid Card of Piraeus "Reloadable Mastercard" is excluded.

How many yellows can I redeem?

  • In the POS of the Program Partners you can redeem all or part of the yellows that you have earned.

In detail, if you use a Card participating in the Program:

  1. On each purchase, you can redeem as many yellows as you have available in the yellow Account.
  2. If the available balance of your yellows is enough for the whole purchase and you choose to redeem them all, then your Card will not be charged at all (when the Member pays with wallet, the total redemption of yellows is not supported).
  3. If the available balance of your yellows is not enough for the whole purchase and you just want to reduce the market price, you can do so by redeeming part of your available yellows.
  • In yellow only vouchers that you can get from Piraeus Bank's branches and from yellow app, you redeem the corresponding amount in yellows and you do not need to use a Bank Card.
  • In Discount offers that you can get from yellow app, you redeem the corresponding amount in yellows and you do not need to use a Bank Card.

I have opened the yellowkid Savings Account. What will happen if a certain month, on the day that the amount must be transferred, through a Direct Debit Payment, there is no balance available? Will I lose the yellows on the account opening anniversary?

Every day, an automatic check is performed on the account provider until the amount available for the execution of the Direct Debit Payment is available.
Once the required amount for the yellowkid Savings Account has been deposited, the transfer will take place as usual. On the anniversary of the opening of the account, if 12 successful money transfers have been made through a Direct Debit Payment, you will receive the yellows you are entitled to.

After the successful completion of the accommodation reservation, through, I did not receive the yellows I earned. Why might this have happened?

This might have happened for the following reasons:

  • your personal yellow Code, or your mobile phone number that you stated during your registration in the yellow Program were not right or
  • 70 days have not passed since your check out.

I am an additional Member on a Credit Card participating in the Program. Do I earn yellows?

Yes. You earn yellows as long as you are a yellow Member, even if the main Cardholder is not a Member of the Program.

For paying bills via winbank web banking or mobile banking, do I earn the same yellows either by debiting a deposit account or debiting a credit card?

In both cases, you earn yellows for paying bills through the winbank web and/or mobile banking service. But in the case of the credit card, you earn extra yellows for using it.

I have a Mortgage and/or Consumer Loan and I pay the instalment every month on the date agreed with the Bank. Why don’t I earn yellows?

To earn yellows, you must be a registered and active Member of the Program and not have another payment delay to the Bank. Learn more for the prerequisites here.