Collaboration with Avis Car Rental

Collaboration with AVIS car rental

Unlock unique travel experiences with AVIS car rental.
AVIS, the No 1 car rental company in Greece and around the world, drives you to your favorite destination in the easiest and most comfortable way.
With an extensive network of rental stations throughout Greece and the most state of the art car fleet in the market, AVIS offers a wide range of choice, flexibility and direct services which, combined with its friendly staff, made AVIS the No 1 choice of its customers.

How many yellows do you earn?
How do you redeem yellows?

Through yellow only voucher

get yellow only AVIS voucher, for short-term car hire (Rent a Car), simply by redeeming yellows!

10€ voucher
5.000 yellows

(The offer does not apply to AVIS Prestige, AVIS Flex, AVIS Chauffeur, Van Rental and long - term Leasing)

You can get the voucher:

Terms & Conditions of yellow only AVIS voucher

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