Discounts on health Checkups to the HENRY DUNANT Partner, for yellow business Members

What you earn
You earn for your medical examination, special prices on health Checkups from the HENRY DUNANT Hospital Center!
Athletes Checkup – worth of 75€

Cardiologist assessment, Electrocardiogram, Dermatologist assessment, Pathologist assessment, Complete Blood Count, Ferritin, Iron, TSH.

On results and if requested:

  • Heart Triplex – worth of 70€
  • Eye examination – worth of 20€
Cardiologist Checkup – worth of 95€
Cardiologist assessment, Electrocardiogram, Heart triplex.
Eye Checkup – worth of 45€
Eye examination, Visual pressure examination, Visual acuity examination.
Endocrinology Checkup – worth of 40€
Endocrinologist assessment, Thyroid ultrasound, TSH – T3 – T4.
Diet Coaching Checkup– worth of 55€
Body Composition Analysis, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Clinical dietitian assessment, A personalized monthly diet plan.
Osteoporosis Checkup – worth of 80€
Orthopedic assessment, Bone mineral density measurement, Ca, P, 25-ΟΗ Vit D3, Complete Blood Count.
Diabetes Checkup – worth of 30€
Diabetologist assessment, Glucose, Glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c).
Foot and ankle Checkup – worth of 30€
Orthopedic assessment, Plantogram.
Health Certificate Checkup – worth of 65€
Chest X-ray, Culture stool, Stool ova and parasite test, Pathologist assessment.
How you will benefit from the offer*
  • Visit
  • Fill in the form details.
  • Fill in your personal yellow Code in the section "Information about the appointment", in the section mentioned as "Message (Optional)".
  • Press "Send" and 
  • A competent employee of HENRY DUNANT will contact you.
  • Use a Piraeus Bank business card participating in the Rewards Program, during your visit to HENRY DUNANT, to earn yellows by obtaining the discount health Checkups!

*For new Members: 10 calendar days must have passed since your participation in yellow business.

Terms of the offer
  • Your personal yellow Code must be entered in the "Message (Optional)" field of the online appointment form of HENRY DUNANT.
  • When paying, a business card participating in the Rewards Program must be used.
Where will you find your yellow Code

1. Individual Enterprises & Professionals:

  • In the SMS & the Welcome e-mail that you received when you registered in the Rewards Program.
  • In the winbank web banking service & in the winbank mobile app, at the "Detailed data" of the yellow Rewards Program.
  • In the Piraeus Bank's branches.
  • In the yellow app.
  • By phone, at +30 210 32 88 000 (for registered Customers of the winbank phone banking service).

2. Legal Entities:

  • In the Welcome e-mail that you received when you registered in the Rewards Program.
  • In the Piraeus Bank's branches.
  • By the phone at 210 32 88 000.

Check the cards  that participate in the offer.