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Collaboration with FUNKY BUDDHA

FUNKY BUDDHA was founded in 2003 in Greece by the Alexiou family. Guided by passion and intuition, they create dynamic and comfortable clothes, entirely in line with the overall funky look and philosophy that are "canvases of expression" for men, women, and children. FUNKY BUDDHA operates an extensive network of stores, in which the consumer can find its complete collections. At the same time, it has partner stores in Greece-Cyprus and various other countries.

Earn yellows

For Legal Entities, Individual Enterprises & Professionals
Earn yellows with your purchases and transactions at the participating network of FUNKY BUDDHA stores, with Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program.
For every €1 charged on transaction
with Credit Card*
x5 yellows
with Business Debit Card
x2 yellows

* Refers to the Business Credit Card of Professionals & Individual Enterprises.

Redeem yellows

Through FUNKY BUDDHA stores’ POS

By making purchases, using Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program, you redeem fully or partially the yellows you have earned.

Important Information:
  • Check the cards participating in the Program

yellow calculator

Calculate now how much you can save by redeeming yellows!

Participating network:

Check the participating network of FUNKY BUDDHA stores here