Collaboration with e-booking platform is the largest Greek tourist site.
It is trusted by the largest hotel groups and has numerous distinctions and awards in the field of online tourism services and digital marketing. It offers unique accommodation suggestions for all Greek consumers in 4 and 5-star hotels as well as in more economical solutions everywhere in Greece.

Earn yellows

Earn yellows with your purchases and transactions at store & at, with Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program.
For every €1 charged on transaction
with the Credit cards
x5 yellows
with the Prepaid cards
x5 yellows
with the Debit cards
x2 yellows

Redeem yellows

Through store’s POS & at

By making purchases, using Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program, you redeem fully or partially the yellows you have earned.

Important Information:
  • Check the cards participating in the Program.

yellow calculator

Calculate now how much you can save by redeeming yellows!

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