Terms & Conditions

The action is valid only for the period 15/02/2021 until 15/03/2021, for the new payment service "Entertainment & Digital Content", that is provided by winbank web and winbank mobile app, in order to acquire a virtual card of digital content for SONY Playstation (PSN Digital Code, PS+ Digital Code), MICROSOFT XBOX (Xbox Giftcard), BLIZZARD (Battle.net Digital Code) & Twitch (Digital Code).

The yellow Members that will use the payment service during this specific time period, will be rewarded with 10 yellows for every 1€ of the virtual card price.

The payment has to be made within the duration of the promo:

  • only by entirely using, a single credit or prepaid Piraeus Bank card
  • by charging a Piraeus Bank personal bank account.

In case the transaction is made by using a credit or prepaid card participating in the Program, the Member will also earn 1 yellow for every 1€ of the virtual card price.

Τhe purchase is completed through Euronet Card Services S.A.

yellows availability

The Member’s account will be credited with yellows, within 15 days after the transaction has been cleared.

Prerequisites for the attribution of yellows to the Members are at the time of the attribution:

a) to maintain the status of an active Member, in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Terms & Conditions of the yellow Rewards Program and

b) to meet the other conditions for participating in the yellow Rewards Program.