The Ranch: The new yellow Rewards Program Partner

We welcome The Ranch, the new yellow Rewards Program Partner.

The Ranch is located on a privately owned area of 450 acres at the 26th km of the Isthmus-Epidavros highway in Sofiko Corinthia. It is based on a Wild West theme, in an area with modern ecological and sports facilities, traditional wooden houses, offering moments of Action, Sports & Entertainment and a lot of Play in a fully safe environment!

It has been operating since 2001 as an Organized Children's Camp, offering children aged 6-16 a special program filled with educational, sport and recreational activities during mid-June until the end of August.

For the rest period of the year, it operates as a theme park for daily trips, every weekend and for overnight stays, organizing various themed events throughout the year, giving the opportunity to get in touch with the nature with many alternative activities. 

Learn more about the new Rewards Program Partner and how you can earn and redeem yellows here.