How to earn yellows

yellow, Piraeus Bank’s loyalty Program, helps you to earn yellows through daily transactions

Frequently Asked Questions & answers on how you can earn yellows

Which Piraeus Bank cards participate in yellow Rewards Program?

Click here to find out with which cards you can earn and redeem yellows.

How do I earn yellows?

You earn yellows by:

  • enrolling in the Program
  • using winbank web & mobile banking service (1st login on web & mobile and payments)
  • using Piraeus Bank cards participating in the Program for all purchases and payments
  • opening a "Do It Yourself" Time Deposit Account
  • paying utility bills/insurance premiums by standing order
  • having the last disbursement of «Exoikonomisi Kat’Oikon II» loan
  • converting Note points from Check In Class app
If I already have a card and/or a Standing Order for the payment of utility bills/insurance premiums, can I still earn yellows?

Yes. You can earn yellows as soon as you enroll in yellow Rewards Program.