Mortgage & Consumer Loans

Earn yellows with your Mortgage and / or Consumer Loan.

Consumer Loan “e-loan by winbank”

Earn yellows with the disbursement of the Consumer Loan «e-loan by winbank»
Way to earn
Loan disbursement
20.000 yellows

Consequence of Consumer and Mortgage Loans

You earn yellows every month for the consistent repayment of the entire installment of the consumer or mortgage loan.
For every 1€ of the installment amount
Way to earn
Overdue payment of consumer or mortgage installment
  1 yellow*

*The maximum amount of yellows you can earn, per instalment, is 2.000 yellows.

Earn the amount of the instalment in yellows
Way to earn
Participation in a daily draw
The amount of the on time instalment in yellows**

**The maximum daily limit per winner is 300.000 yellows.