You can earn yellows by acquiring Exoikonomisi Kat’Oikon II, e-loan by winbank and even more yellows with the due payment of Piraeus Bank Consumer and Mortgage Loan payments on time.

Consistency of payment for Consumer & Mortgage Loans

1 yellow per 1€ of instalment

By paying on time the instalment of your Consumer or/and Mortgage Loan, you earn the amount of the instalment in yellows.

The maximum amount of yellows you can earn per Loan is 2.000 yellows.

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e-loan by winbank

20.000 yellows by acquiring the Consumer Loan e-loan by winbank in 3 easy steps :

Step 1 : Enter in winbank web banking and plan your loan

Step 2 : Register your application form

Step 3 : You are ready to disburse your loan and earn the yellows, after the approval of the loan and the signing of the contractual documents with an authorized electronic signature.

Don’t forget that to earn the yellows you must be a Member of the Piraeus Bank yellow Rewards Program.

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Exoikonomisi Kat’Oikon II – Phase II