This promo has expired!

Learn more about yellow's collaboration with Allou! Fun Park!

2times more yellows at Allou! Fun Park, with the yellow app!

Halloween and Freaky Weekends are coming to Allou! Fun Park!
Live the Halloween experience at Allou! Fun Park with the yellow app and earn 2times more yellows!

All you need to do in order to take advantage of the offer, is to:

  • Be a yellow app user*.
  • Visit Allou! Fun Park and/or Kidom, from 09/10 till 05/11/2023.
  • Make your transactions** using a Piraeus Bank card participating in yellow Rewards Program.

Hundreds of pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, zombies, scary clowns and haunted pirates come to life this year's Halloween and together with the wonderful themed decoration invite you to visit Allou! Fun Park and Kidom, for a unique experience!

Check here for the Allou! Fun Park’s Halloween Freaky Weekends events Program &
here for the Kidom’s Boo SOY KOY with Kidofroula the witch Program! (available only in Greek)

* yellow app user: the Rewards Program Member who has downloaded the yellow app on an iOS or Android device and has logged in with their personal winbank codes, even once, before making the transaction at Allou! Fun Park and/or Kidom.
** Food & retail products are excluded.

This Halloween is yellow!

Terms and Conditions

Where does the promo apply?

At Allou! Fun Park and/or Kidom.

When is the promo valid?

The promo is valid exclusively from 09/10/2023 till 05/11/2023.

Who can benefit from the promo?

The promo concerns the Members of the Program, provided that they have installed the yellow application on their devices and they have also made the first login/ confirmed entry in it, before making their transaction.
Especially for the Bank's Customers who will be registered as Members of the Program during this promo, it is clarified that the first confirmed entry in the yellow application can be made within 2 days from their registration in the Program.

Which cards does the promo apply to?

All Piraeus Bank cards participating in the yellow Rewards Program.

What do you earn?

The profit from every €1 transaction with Piraeus Bank card participating in the Rewards Program, corresponds to:
A. 10 yellows with credit or prepaid cards.
B. 4 yellows with debit cards

What is excluded?

Transactions involving catering & retail products are excluded from the promo.

When will you get the yellows of the promo?

The Member’s account will be credited with yellows within 5 days after the transaction has been cleared.

General Terms

The transaction has to be made within the duration of the promo and the amount must be paid by using a Piraeus Bank card participating in the Rewards Program.

Otherwise the Member will collect yellows, in accordance to the applicable Program Terms for purchase transactions in a Program’s Partner using cards of the Bank participating in the Rewards Program, for transactions not made within the duration of the promo.

The maximum monthly number of yellows that a Member may earn by using a Piraeus Bank card participating in the Rewards Program, in accordance with the Program Terms, does not apply to the additional yellows that will be earned during the promo.

Piraeus Bank reserves the right to remove yellows, that will be awarded under the promo, from Members, in case a suspicion of fraudulent use is detected aiming to earn and redeem a large number of yellows.

Members in order to be rewarded with the yellows of the promo, should:
a)retain the “Active” status of Member of the Bank's yellow Rewards Program during the promo and the at the date of the rewarding
b)meet all regarding the collection and redemption of yellows.