30 € discount in all editions of EPSILON SMART, for yellow business Members

What you earn

You get a 30 € discount on the annual subscription of EPSILON SMART, the innovative web application for Electronic Invoicing.

The EPSILON SMART web application:

  • Offers direct connection to the AADE myDATA platform, without installations and complicated procedures.
  • It is available for all Android & iOS devices working on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Guarantees premium protection and automatic version updates, without requiring investment on equipment or additional upgrade costs.
  • Available in 3 basic editions, depending on the needs of each small and medium enterprise and professional. Also available in 6 special editions for needs of specific professional fields.

3 basic editions:

Retail Edition -> for small retail businesses.

Standard Edition -> for service companies and professionals with revenue and expense management.

Advanced Edition -> for small and medium enterprises with integrated document circuit and warehouse monitoring.


6 special editions:

Themida Edition -> for lawyers, notaries & bailiffs.

Hygeia Edition -> for doctors and all health professionals.

Architect Edition -> for architects, engineers & surveyors.

Philoxenia Edition -> for owners of small tourist accommodations.

Transport Edition -> for small transport companies and relocation companies.

Beauty Edition -> for small and medium enterprises of hairdressers, beauty centers, spas and wellness centers.

Check here (available only in Greek) for more information on EPSILON SMART editions.

How you will benefit from the offer*

  • Visit https://forms.epsilonnet.gr/form/2120 (available only in Greek).
  • In the contact form, fill in your contact details as well as your personal yellow Code.
  • A representative of EPSILON NET will contact you for further information and availability of the offer.

*For new Members: 10 calendar days must have passed since your participation in yellow business.

Terms of the offer

  • The offer is valid stating your personal yellow Code, during your communication with the company representative.
  • The offer is valid with the use of a business card participating in the Rewards Program.
  • The offer is valid until 31.12.2023.
  • The 30 € discount is valid only once and can be redeemed only for new subscriptions to the SMART series.

Where you will find your yellow Code

1. Individual Enterprises & Professionals:

  • In the SMS & the Welcome e-mail that you received when you registered in the Rewards Program.
  • In the winbank web banking service & in the winbank mobile app, at the "Detailed data" of the yellow Rewards Program.
  • In the Piraeus Bank's branches.
  • In the yellow app.
  • By phone, at +30 210 32 88 000 (for registered Customers of the winbank phone banking service).

2. Legal Entities:

  • In the Welcome e-mail that you received when you registered in the Rewards Program.
  • In the Piraeus Bank's branches.
  • By phone, at +30 210 32 88 000.

Check the cards that participate in the offer.