5% in yellows at yellowholidays.gr, for the yellow business Members

  • Visit www.yellowholidays.gr, after 10 calendar days have passed since your registration
  • Choose the destination and accommodation you are interested in,
  • Make your reservation with Piraeus Bank business cards participating in the Program and
  • Earn 5% in yellows!

What do you earn?

5% in yellows, for the value of your reservation, regardless of amount, period and destination.

Important information about the Offer

Terms of the offer

  • The profit in yellows, concerns only the value of the reservation
  • The reservation of accommodation should be done exclusively through www.yellowholidays.gr, in the context of the Bank's cooperation with Booking.com and in accordance with the Terms of service, with a business card of the Bank participating in the Rewards Program
  • During the process of booking accommodation on the website, the Member must fill in his / her personal yellow Code or mobile phone * which he / she has stated in his / her registration in yellow
    *Legal Entities must declare exclusively the yellow Code
  • The amount based on which the yellows will be calculated, will be the amount of the reservation, less the value of any taxes included in it
  • yellows will be registered in the Member's yellow Account within seventy (70) days after the end of the stay at the accommodation (check out)
  • In case of payment in a currency other than the euro, the number of yellows is calculated based on the conversion of the value of the reservation into euros.

Check the cards that participate in the offer.